Construction of a building requires labourer from various fields and one such is carpentry. It is one of the skills that involve the worker to cut as well as install materials used while building. This can be timber or concrete work depending upon the nature of the project. Usually a carpenter is required for doing wood work. In the past years, carpenters were perhaps only hired if wooden frames were required or so. But as the years have progressed and with new and modern designs, people prefer wooden cabinets in kitchens, wardrobes, shelves and much more. Well as far as the occupation of carpentry is concerned, it is mostly male dominated and that perhaps is because of the nature of the job. Like most skilled Labour, this too does not require much of an educational qualification, but experience is what makes you a master. Although many people these days prefer cement and concrete as the building material to trust on, but in the olden days it was wood. The use of wood dates back to pre-historic times when oak was used for the casing of water well. 

Wood has been an important material for construction in history and its proof are the centuries old temples and Greensted church built in China. Carpentry work can date back to Ming Dynasty in China and their work was not restricted to wood only. They were required to take some crucial decisions such as when to build the house for instance and which direction should it face, questions that one would today perhaps discuss with architecture.

For those who don’t know much about carpentry in Sydney, but are interested in learning the skill, they can enroll at program that is few weeks long but at the end certifies you as a carpenter or a school that teaches carpentry. You can even attend seminars on carpentry or online classes. Like any office job, where one gains promotion through the years, carpentry job too follows the same procedure. Once you finish your training, you can accompany a carpenter as a journeyman. This is like an assistant, where you learn through observation. And this experience e surely prepares you to be a carpenter on your own one day.

Carpentry work is no easy work, the job comes with its own set of hazards and these include: getting injured by working on a machine, if there is a fire or an explosion on the site, there is a risk of being electrocuted. And apart from these serious hazards, there is always dust, use of chemicals and off course the noise. But all these can surely be avoided with safety precautions and work efficiency. Within the carpentry work, there are further numerous braches that one can choose to master at, these include, making household furniture, wooden instruments, building the model etc. One can also specialize in construction and designing of cupboards and cabinets, construction of ships and much more.